Valeting & Car Hood Restoration


There are many good reasons to have your vehicle valeted regularly, not least to prevent the onset of rust and corrosion. Why leave it for a special occasion when for a very reasonable cost you could be driving a vehicle that not only looks as if it has just had a face lift, but could be worth more when you decide to change it?

We offer a professional car valeting service at our centre, so why not call us or drop in to see us in Pembury for a quote to valet your car(s).


Pembury Auto Centre Hood Restoration and Services

Convertible hoods can be tough to keep clean and prone to fading when not maintained. Kept outside they can age very quickly and fabric hoods are prone to mould and moss.

Without maintenance, you can expect a convertible hood on a cabriolet to last around 6-8 years before it will need replacing. Caring for it properly can double this time to around 12 years, which is the life span of most cars. Considering a replacement hood can cost between £600 and £3000 depending on the model, it makes good sense to reproof your hood every three years. Even reproofing once or twice in a lifetime can pay dividends.

Our complete service includes, hand cleaning of the roof fabric, re-proofing to make it water and stain resistant, as well as protecting it against fading due to UV rays.